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Billing & Insurance

EBCH Hassle-Free Bill Pay

We know that medical bills can cause stress and worry as you recover. At EBCH, we have a number of policies and programs to make paying your bills as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Hospital Service Charges

Calculate the estimated cost for appointments and procedures with the MyChart Price Calculator

** You do not need a MyChart account to use the estimating tools. **

Download this file to find costs for different procedures. 

Billing Information

EBCH will send monthly statements to all patients with a self-pay balance. These monthly statements will stop once the balance is resolved or referred to an outside source. 

Our Billing and Collections Policy allows us to take extraordinary collection actions (ECA) when an account becomes past due. These actions could include selling debt to another party, reporting adverse information about an individual to a consumer credit reporting agency or credit bureau, and actions that require legal or judicial process – including liens, foreclosures, civil actions, or garnishments.


All remaining balances, after third-party payor submission, if applicable, for medically necessary services provided by EBCH. 

Not covered:

Services that third parties within the EBCH campus provide are not covered under the EBCH Financial Assistance Policy. Some examples include (but are not limited to) the Essentia Health – Ely Clinic, any Ambulance Service, any Life Flight Service, Boundary Waters Care Center, Radiology Interpretation Fees, Physician Professional Fees, and medication provided by Ely Community Pharmacy. 

Medicare is a government health insurance program for people age 65 and older. Medicare helps cover the costs of health emergencies and chronic conditions, but it can also be used to help maintain good health. To maximize the value of the health plan, make sure to sign up at the correct time and take advantage of the free and low-cost services Medicare provides.