Billing & Insurance

EBCH Hassle-Free Bill Pay

We know that medical bills can cause stress and worry as you recover. At EBCH, we have a number of policies and programs to make paying your bills as easy and hassle-free as possible. 

Important Billing Information

Monthly statements will be sent to all patients until the account is paid in full. A balance that indicates “pending” on these statements denotes that your insurance company has not processed this claim yet. A balance that shows “balance due” on these statements means that this amount is patient responsibility.

When an account becomes past due, our credit policy allows us to either seek judgment from conciliation (small claims) court or refer past due accounts to a collection agency or an attorney for collection. Any additional expenses for such action will become the responsibility of the guarantor.

If you are a privately insured or self-pay patient, your bill includes state-imposed health care taxes totaling 2%.

Financial Assistance Program

Important Information about our Financial Assistance Policy and Application

Contact the EBCH Revenue Management/Patient Access Team Leader at 218-365-8747.

Financial Assistance Policy

Federal Poverty Guidelines

Financial Assistance Application

Financial Assistance Program (FAP) Plain Language Summary

Important Billing & Finance Policies

Billing & Collection Policy

Credit Policy Summary



What are uninsured patients charged for care in the FAP?

They are charged the same as the amounts generally billed to insured patients for the same services. Uninsured patients receive an automatic uninsured discount that is in compliance with the Attorney General Agreement.

What services are covered under our FAP?

All Medical providers with privileges at EBCH are covered under our FAP. e.g. Medical doctors, NPs CRNAs who have privileges at our facility. A list of names can be provided upon request.

What services are not covered under our FAP?

You will not receive help from our Financial Assistance Program if:

  • You are involved in a Workers Comp, Auto, or any other third party liability claim. You may apply for this program after the case settles
  • You are applying for disability (you may apply after the Disability Board decides your case)

Also not covered by our Financial Assistance Program:

  • Services provided by Ely Area Ambulance Service
  • Services provided by Boundary Waters Care Center
  • Services provided by Essentia Health
  • Medications provided by Ely Community Pharmacy
  • Radiologist Fee's
  • Professional Fee's charged by visiting Specialty Providers
A Guide to Medicare Benefits

Medicare is a government health insurance program for people age 65 and older. Medicare helps cover the costs of health emergencies and chronic conditions, but it can also be used to help maintain good health. To maximize the value of the health plan, make sure to sign up at the correct time and take advantage of the free and low-cost services Medicare provides. 

Click to learn more about Medicare eligibility, enrollment & coverage

Hospital Service Charges

Calculate the estimated cost for appointments and procedures with the MyChart Price Calculator

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EBCH Charges 2021
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