COVID-19 Visitor Guidelines and Important Information:

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  • COVID-19 Testing Recommendations (PDF) - Testing grid based on vaccination status.
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  • Elective Surgeries and Nonessential Procedures: Surgery is allowed at this time, but we will continue to closely monitor the changing pandemic and adjust as needed. If you have questions about an upcoming appointment, please call 218-365-3271.
  • Wellness Center: The Wellness Center is also closed to comply with Governor Walz’s orders.
  • Bill Pay: The Business Office is closed, so we kindly ask that you mail or pay your bills online.
  • Inpatient Visitors: No inpatient visitors are allowed at this time. Exceptions include visitors to patients based on compassionate-care needs. Pediatric patients are allowed, one adult visitor. Family members are advised to call the hospital before coming. Those permitted to visit patients will be screened at the nurses' station.
  • Outpatient: No visitors at this time. If you are dropping off or picking up your loved one from an appointment, please wait in your vehicle, and we will call you when they are done. 
  • Emergency Department: One visitor for pediatric, vulnerable adult, trauma, or patients requiring communication to a health care team on their behalf are allowed. Others will be asked to remain in the waiting area.
  • Boundary Waters Café: As of Saturday, March 21, 2020, the Boundary Waters Café will be closed to employees and visitors. They will still be providing meals to hospital inpatients, as well as BWCC residents.