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Outpatient Infusion Services with EBCH

In a world that’s constantly on the move, finding dependable healthcare services close to home can be a game changer. Fortunately, Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital (EBCH) understands this reality and delivers a wide variety of healthcare services to those living in Ely and surrounding communities. Yet, many community members are not aware of all the services EBCH provides – including outpatient infusion services and care.

What are Outpatient Infusions?

Infusion therapy is when medication or fluids are administered through an injection, catheter or intravenous (IV) line, typically in a hospital or healthcare clinic setting. Medication delivered by infusion either cannot be taken orally – because it needs to be delivered directly into the bloodstream – or needs to be dispensed in a controlled way, at a controlled pace.

In this context, outpatient means patients do not require a bed or overnight care to receive these infusions. They can visit the hospital for infusion treatment and then leave that same day.

A Wide Range of Services

EBCH delivers a wide range of infusion services, including infusions and injections for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, anemia, lupus, multiple sclerosis, immunodeficiencies and other chronic conditions. Many patients also receive chemotherapy infusions at EBCH.

With a specialized team of healthcare professionals trained in infusions and aftercare, EBCH ensures the highest possible quality of outpatient infusion treatment.

If a patient comes in for an infusion but also needs to have lab work done, a lab tech will come to their room to collect the necessary labs.

A Commitment to Privacy and Personalized Care

In addition to bringing world-class outpatient care and infusion services to patients in Ely and beyond, EBCH goes the extra mile by ensuring each patient’s comfort, privacy and well-being throughout the infusion-treatment process.

“One thing that really sets us apart at EBCH is that patients will get a private room when they come here,” explained Beth Hartshorn, Inpatient Pharmacy Team Leader at EBCH. “Our nurses are certified in chemotherapy and other forms of infusion administration, and being a small hospital really gives our staff the opportunity to get to know each of our patients, providing them with personalized care for every visit.”

By providing individual patient rooms, EBCH prioritizes privacy and ensures infusion treatment remains discreet and personal. Whether a patient is receiving chemotherapy infusions or infusions to help manage a chronic condition, EBCH’s private rooms offer a space where they can relax and focus on their health.

The Advantage of Local Healthcare

EBCH’s status as a local, community-focused hospital is a tremendous advantage for patients. This size allows providers and all EBCH staff to get to know each patient on a personal level, translating into more individualized and patient-centered care for every visit.

Because of EBCH’s close proximity to Ely and surrounding communities, patients no longer need to journey far just to receive the infusion services they need. This saves precious time, energy, stress and other resources for patients, allowing them to travel just a short distance for their infusion-treatment appointments.

EBCH believes applying a dedicated and personal touch is invaluable. When a patient requires infusion treatment and chooses EBCH for that care, they are not only a patient – they are part of an extended family. Our staff knows each patient’s name, preferences and unique medical history, ensuring that information is ready and internalized before they begin each appointment. Such familiarity creates a true sense of trust and comfort, which is essential in the journey to better health.

To learn more about infusions at EBCH or schedule an appointment, call 218-365-8770. You can also ask your primary care or specialist provider to refer you to EBCH for infusion treatment.

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