Ely Health and Hospital Foundation

** Currently, we are unable to accept donations via our webpage. Please contact Jodi Martin at 218-365-8739 or jmartin@ebch.org if you would like to make a donation. We apologize for the inconvenience. **

The Ely-Bloomenson Foundation was founded in 2002 to generate resources for sustaining and advancing the community's healthcare needs. The Foundation is dedicated to facilitating the enhancement and funding of health and vitality in the Ely Service Area.

When EBCH was incorporated, benefactors from all walks of life joined in the effort to build a nonprofit community hospital that would provide medical care delivered in a compassionate environment. Over half a century later, the Foundation continues supporting the hospital that this community worked diligently to build.

Make a Difference!

Your contribution helps the Foundation identify and promote community health and wellness needs. 

This year's Ely Health and Hospital Foundation Board is comprised of President Tim Riley, Vice President Devon Luthens, Secretary Kelly Klun, Treasurer Todd Heiman, Director John Saw, Director Jo Langan, Director Mary Ann Smith, Director Barb Soderberg, and non-voting member CEO Patti Banks.

Contributions from people and businesses like you fund the Foundation.
These contributions go towards efforts including:

  • Providing modern, compassionate health care for residents and visitors
  • Continuing technological advancement with state-of-the-art medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment
  • Providing free flu shots to the communities we serve
  • Protecting essential services to maintain and improve what is needed in a rapidly changing community landscape
  • Providing medical Equipment to ISD #696
  • EBCH is a "File of Life" Partner
  • Thrivent Financial partnership for Simply Giving
  • Health awareness radio spots/newspaper articles
  • Blood drives
  • Free sports screenings in the Wellness Center
  • Community Benefit Survey

We offer many tax-deductible giving options:


Sustaining Membership
Sustaining Membership

The Sustaining Membership Program is a convenient, powerful and enduring way to manage your financial support for Ely Health and Hospital Foundation.

It’s convenient. Ongoing monthly payments are automatically transferred from your bank or credit card account.

It’s powerful. Your contribution helps the Foundation identify and promote community health and wellness needs.

It’s enduring. Spreading your support over time is easier on your budget.

How to Participate

If you want to become a sustaining member please contact Jodi Martin at 218-365-8739.

Contributions are tax deductible. The Ely Health and Hospital Foundation is a not for profit 501 (c)3 registered in the State of Minnesota.


Memorials are a meaningful way to express sympathy. When a memorial is given, the Foundation sends a card to the person/family in whose honor the gift was made. The amount of the gift is kept confidential. All donors receive a separate acknowledgment for their tax-deductible memorial.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a recognition tree located on the east corridor wall by the joint clinic/hospital main entrance. This beautiful reminder of the community’s generosity and commitment to the health care of its citizens and visitors is made up of many leaves, each of which is etched with the name of a contributor of $1,000 or more. Stones at the foot of the tree are etched with the name of the contributors who donated gifts of $25,000 or more.

General Membership

Since its inception in 1957, Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital has been founded on the philanthropy of our fantastic community. The same is true today, except members are now part of the Ely Health and Hospital Foundation. Each $100 membership (the same price as in 1957) entitles the bearer one vote in the election of Board Members at the annual member meeting. By voting in the Board election, members have a say in hospital business. Members also receive a monthly newsletter with information about hospital services, staff and Board activities. Support from our members allows EBCH to continue to grow and fulfill our mission. 

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is made up of gifts from donors whose loyal philanthropic support continues for years. These funds are invested and expenditures are made from the income while the principal remains intact. Endowment funds provide an opportunity to permanently honor and memorialize a donor’s generosity, creating a legacy that lives through the ages. Contact EBCH to request information about an endowment.

Matching Gifts

A corporate matching gift is a great way to leverage your donation to Ely-Bloomenson. Please contact your employer’s Human Resource Office to inquire about their matching gift policy and to obtain the necessary form to multiply your gift dollars. (Thrivent Financial joins our Ely Health and Hospital Foundation with Simply Giving.)

Insurance Policy

It is common to have a life insurance policy that may no longer be needed for its original purpose. Naming the Ely Health and Hospital Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of the policy provides you with an immediate tax deduction, and the value of the policy will be removed from your estate for probate purposes. Contact Jodi Martin, Marketing & Communications Team Leader, at 218-365-8739 to make the Health and Hospital Foundation a beneficiary.

Planned Giving

The Foundation can help you with your personal financial or estate planning goals. Bequests, living trusts and gift annuities are just a few of the ways you can arrange for gifts to continue to help many in the future. Contact the Foundation about Planned Giving.

A Foundation representative will be happy to assist your attorney or financial advisor with tailoring a plan to meet your individual circumstances or giving preferences. Your gift is, of course, tax-deductible. Contact the Foundation today.

Contact the Foundation

A Foundation representative will be happy to assist your attorney or financial advisor with tailoring a plan to meet your individual circumstances or giving preferences. Call Jodi Martin, Marketing & Communications Team Leader at 218-365-8739 or click here to email