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Financial Assistance Program


Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital offers Financial Assistance to our patients who are uninsured and to our patients who have insurance but have a policy that leaves them with substantial out–of-pocket expenses so they are unable to manage their medical bills.

Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital Financial Assistance Program (FAP) provides an uninsured discount on bills for medically necessary care. The Financial Assistance Programs also provides a full or partial discount if you apply for Charity Care and are approved. The Charity Care discount is based on the FPG Income guidelines attached.  Download the Application here.

What are uninsured patients charged for care in the FAP?

They are charged the same as the amounts generally billed to insured patients for the same services. Uninsured patients receive an automatic uninsured discount that is in compliance with the Attorney General Agreement.

What services are covered under our FAP?

All Medical providers with privileges at EBCH are covered under our FAP. e.g. Medical doctors, NPs CRNAs who have privileges at our facility. A list of names can be provided upon request.

What does not qualify?

You will not receive help from Charity Care if:

  • Your balance at EBCH is less than $500.
  • You are involved in a Workers Comp, Auto or any other third party liability claim. You may apply for this program after the case settles.
  • You are applying for disability. You may apply after the Disability Board decides your case.
  • Services are from our Ely Community Pharmacy.
  • Services from our Home Health.

How do I sign up for Charity Care?

  • Fill out and return the application for Charity Care.  Download the application here.
  • Send all copies requested. Read the directions carefully to see what copies you need to send.

Depending on your income, you may need to apply for medical assistance or for Minnesota Care (MN residents) for future medical treatment. Someone in our office can guide you regarding this. There are income guideline and asset guidelines to determine who can receive help from our Charity Care Program. There are also some limits as to how many times you can apply. The program may cover current and outstanding bills up to 24 months prior to the applying for charity care and may remain in effect for three (3) months after the date we receive your application. Check with our office to find out when you can apply again.

How can I get more information?

Contact the Business Office 218-365-8761 or 218-365-8776.

Charity Care Application
Financial Assistance Policy
Financial Assistance Program (FAP) Plain Language Summary