Remember to Check the Foundation Off Your Holiday Gift List

December 21, 2021

Send holiday cards? Check. Decorate the tree? Check. Hang the lights? Check. Donate to the Ely Health and Hospital Foundation? Whoops!

But it’s not too late: There are lots of ways to give to the Foundation – and your contribution helps the Foundation identify and promote community health and wellness needs.

Here’s a small sampling of the important projects the Foundation – through gifts like yours – has funded in recent years:

Power Up (2018)

The Power Up campaign provided expanded capacity for the EBCH main generator, which allowed several critical care components – the laboratory and CT scanner, for example – to be accessible even in a power emergency.

Retire Annie (2017)

When the American Heart Association’s educational equipment requirement changed, that meant that the training manikin Resusci Annie had to be replaced by an upgraded version, which included new pediatric training equipment. The total cost for the new equipment was $10,000.

 In addition, some donors opt to earmark their gifts for specific hospital projects such as:

  • Three new chemotherapy infusion chairs (2019-2021) funded through monetary donations
  • New equipment, furniture and paint to our Cardiac Rehab Department (2019) through a $5,000 gift

Not only has community giving helped with all of those recent improvements – our hospital was founded through the philanthropy of Abe Bloomenson, whose initial generosity has ignited the enthusiasm of other generous patrons throughout the years.

Today, the Foundation continues to support the hospital that this community worked so diligently to build. Here are a variety of tax-deductible options that offer donors like you a way to contribute to the Foundation:

  • Sustaining Membership
  • Memorials
  • Tree of Life
  • Member Shares
  • Endowment Fund
  • Matching Gifts
  • Insurance Policy
  • Planned Giving

Benefactors big and small have joined in the effort to develop our nonprofit community hospital, which continues to provide quality medical care delivered in a compassionate environment. Do you want to make a difference in our community? Consider giving to the Ely Health and Hospital Foundation today!

For questions or more information, contact Jodi Martin, marketing & communications team leader, at 218-365-8739 or