Vote for Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital for Minnesota’s Best

April 29, 2021

Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital is thrilled to be nominated for Minnesota’s Best in three categories: Hospital, Physical Therapy, and Medical Practice. Our EBCH providers and staff work very hard to provide our communities with compassionate care, professional excellence, and the best patient experience possible. It is because of each member of this skilled and caring team that Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital is nominated for this great honor; they truly are the heart and soul of an amazing healthcare system.  

 If you’d like to cast your vote for EBCH, voting is open now through May 21. Even better, you can vote every day. If you have experienced excellence with ECBH, consider going online to vote in any—or all—of the categories. 

To vote for EBCH: 

  • Go to 
  • Select the Health and Wellness category 
  • The next page features the Health and Wellness subcategories
  • EBCH is nominated in: Hospital, Physical Therapy, and Medical Practice. Simply click the subcategory—then click Ely-Bloomenson—and your vote will be cast! 

As wonderful as it is to be recognized, the real honor is being a part of this beautiful community. Thank you for trusting Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital with your health. Providing our friends and neighbors with safe, quality, compassionate care will always be our number one priority. 

Click Here to Vote!