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A Change of “EPIC” Proportions

On October 1, 2017 Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital (EBCH) will “go live” with their new electronic medical records system, EPIC. This is the system used by many healthcare facilities statewide including Fairview, Allina and our campus partners, Essentia Health. By making this transition EBCH will be able to offer better quality access, safety, and patient satisfaction with regards to medical records, allowing them to “travel” with you as you will no longer need to wait for or carry paper copies.

How might this conversion affect you as an EBCH patient?

You will need to plan some additional time for registration during your first appointment following the October 1 “go live” date. Even if you have been a patient with EBCH in the past, please bring your ID and insurance card to your next appointment as we will need to re-enter your personal and insurance information upon arrival. Please be assured that following your first visit the process will be more streamlined.

The other significant change that will affect patients is the addition of MyHealth online access to medical records, lab results and appointment information through MyHealth rather than the previously used “Patient Portage”.

If you are enrolled in the Patient Portage you will still be able to access your information through this system until December 31, 2017.

Here is the good news!

MyHealth users that are already enrolled through another healthcare facility (i.e., Essentia) should be able to merge their accounts so medical records from multiple facilities can be accessed in one convenient location.

Your medical records for EBCH will be visible for appointments starting October 1, 2017 and moving forward. If you need past medical records after December 31st, you can request them by calling our Health Information Management Office 218-365-8753.

We ask for our patients to be understanding as staff make the transition to this new system.